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To Believe That Gyan And Bhakti, Knowledge And Devotion Are Different From Each Other Is Ignorance ; As Gyan And Bhakti Are One And The Same.To Promote Sai Bhakti Is To Promote Gyan And Therefore The Removal Of Agyan Or Ignorance. It Is Therefore Duty Of Every Sai Bhakt To Share And Spread Their Knowledge About Baba.

11 March 2009


Dear Sai devotees ,

We wish you all a very happy and colourful holi !!!

May Baba bless you always ! Amen !

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10 March 2009



Leela 83
Madhavnath Maharaj asked Laxmanrao, alias Bhausaheb Pradhan to go to Baba. Bhausaheb was then working as a sub-register. He was not aware that Madhavnath Maharaj had to receive a message from Baba. Just as he entered Shirdi, the omnipresent Baba merrily said, "Nath's son has arrived and we will dine on Nath's prasad." The devotees sitting besides Baba knew that Baba spoke in riddles and parables. So they watched and waited. Just then, Laxman Pradhan walked into the Dwarkamai, bowed to Baba and sat down. Baba said, "I've got sacks and sacks of gold on a donkey's back. Thieves have stolen them on the way. A hole in the ear has to be pierced only by the goldsmith. It is very difficult to pull on, in this naughty world. Tell this much to my brother Madhavnath.Laxman understood the message and went away satisfied.

(Possible explanation): The sacks of gold refer to the abundance of spiritual knowledge that was readily available with Baba. One had only to seek and ask for it. The thieves are the six internal enemies that keep one away from that path, and robs whatever little gain one has made. A hole on the ear has to be pierced only by the goldsmith. The remedy for it is easy. If one goes to the right person, the Guru or Jnani, the task can be accomplished. But, one has to be constantly aware of the temptations of the naughty world and not succumb to it. Laxmanrao learnt a valuable lesson from Baba.

Leela 84
In 1909, Nana spent his Christmas vacation with Baba. His friend, Chintamani V. Vaidya had gone to Calcutta to attend a congress session. On his way back, he got down at Manmad and proceeded to Shirdi. A day before this, Nana requested Baba's permission to return home. Baba said, "Nana, go tomorrow after lunch." Nana happily stayed on for another day, as usual, he Nana Saheb Chandorkar followed Baba's words implicitly. The next day, after lunch, he packed his bags and sought permission from Baba. "Nana, where are you going ? Your stout youth friend is on his way here.",It was about 4:00 p.m. when Baba said this. Twenty minutes later, Vaidya arrived, and with great joy, met Nana. Baba then gave permission to go, the next day. At the time of departure, Baba said, "There was an orchard of guava fruit trees. Most delicious and delectable were the fruits. Everyone ate about twenty to twenty-five fruits. The next day, I spoiled the grove."
Possible meaning: The orchard of guava fruit trees signifies abundance. The fruit were delicious and delectable. Baba fulfilled all their worldly desires of name, fame and wealth. The spoiling of the grove indicates the culminating of the worldly desires and the opening of a new path of spirituality, this path being straight and narrow.

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09 March 2009


Leela 81
Out of the dakshina collected, Baba distributed about Rs.800/- or more daily. By evening, He had but a few coins left and He became a Fakir again. The news of His charity to Sadhus, Jnanis, Bhajan-singers and dancers spread far and wide. Some Brahmins from Kumbakonam came to Bombay and earned their livelihood by preaching the Vedanta. They heard of Baba's name and fame and his charitable disposition. Eager to get a huge amount of money, they decided to come to Shirdi. Unfortunately, they thought that Baba was a Muslim avalia. They were perplexed as to how they would bow to Him and further explain the Vedanta to Him. So, they discussed this amongst themselves and decided to bow to him as they would to Purna-Brahma, just so that they could amass a lot of wealth. They went to Shirdi and stood before Baba obediently. Baba just looked at them and asked them what they wanted. "We wish to explain the Vedanta in your presence and get sanmaan from you", they said. Baba agreed and asked them to start. They started explaining with a great deal of enthusiasm, but soon forgot everything. Baba patiently waited a while and asked them to continue. They looked at Baba with blank expressions for try as they may, they couldn't remember what to say next. Baba however picked up the explanation from where they had left and continued a while. Then the Brahmins finished the rest. At the time of bowing, they said "Purna-Brahma" and bowed to Baba as 'Turna-Brahma" and not Baba. Then they requested Baba for their sanmana. Baba told them, that as they bowed to "Purna-Brahma", they might receive their sanmana from that "Purna-Brahma". On hearing this vital answer from Baba, they were astonished and made Sashtanga-Namaskar. Afterwards, Baba gave sanmana to them. They went away satisfied that Baba was more than "Purna-Brahma". In fact, He was Parabrahma.

Leela 82
Naik and Shantaram were great friends. Both went to Shirdi for Baba's darshan. Shantaram was an alcoholic and couldn't stay without liquor even for a day. Baba made him stay at Shirdi for six days. During those days, he abstained from drinking and was cured of alcoholism. He never touched liquor throughout his life, thereafter. Naik had another friend, who was upset with his son, as he was ruining his life with alcohol. Time and again, the doctor advised him not to drink, but he said that he could live only on alcohol. Naik advised his friend Sonar to send his son to Shirdi. Sonar and his son started for Shirdi. at Manmad, his son started vomiting incessantly, all the way to Shirdi. as soon as he stepped into Shirdi, the vomiting ceased. They went to Dwarkamai and had darshan. Baba blessed his son and made him stay for four days. During this time, he developed distaste for liquor. In the month of Bhadrapad, there was Gauri-Puja. On the last day, at the conclusion of the ceremonies, everyone drank merrily. His friends forced him to drink, but he refused, time and again. Then they forced a glass of liquor in his hand. He pleaded to be excused, as he saw Baba in the glass. Nonetheless, they forced him to drink. Ultimately, he drank unlimitedly, and fell down unconscious. At that time, he felt that his whole body was on fire and the alcohol was burning inside him. After this experience, he refrained from drinking throughout his life.

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